Q. What is RemitGuru?

RemitGuru is a money remittance service from the USA to India provided by a company which is licensed and has over a decade of experience in money remittance services. The RemitGuru team is focused exclusively on Indian customers in the US to ensure the best remittance service. We have built a strong financial network to ensure the security of your funds and privacy of your information, so you can use our service without worry, saving you time and money, offering you the ultimate convenience.

Q. Does RemitGuru offer the most competitive transaction fees in the market?

RemitGuru is committed to offering an easy remittance with a flat transaction fee from as low as $4.99; we are committed to offering you the most competitive rates.

Q. Does RemitGuru offer the most competitive exchange rates?

RemitGuru offers the real-time exchange rate at the time your transaction is completed. We are committed to offering the most competitive rates.

Q. How does RemitGuru Transfer guarantee the security and privacy of your information?

To prevent transaction fraud and to comply with United States regulatory requirements, we collect certain information which we use to verify your identity and to ensure the security of your transactions, whilst utilizing the industry best encryption to protect your information and privacy. Your information is not shared with any third-party. The RemitGuru team continuously monitors the system to protect our customers from fraudulent activities and unusual transactions. For the safety and security of your transaction, we may occasionally place a temporary hold on a transaction until we can validate the transaction.

Q. How does RemitGuru ensure the security of your money?

Your funds are collected and protected by RemitGuru which is a dba of First Global Money Inc. (NMLS ID 1149715), a financial technology company listed on the Toronto and Frankfurt stock exchanges, holding numerous financial service licenses in the United States, Canada, and many other major countries around the globe. RemitGuru offers a constant security platform to ensure the security of your money from start to finish and is strict to combat fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Q. How do I start remitting money through RemitGuru?

RemitGuru is very easy to use. Just click the “Send Money” option on the home page to start the transaction.

Q. What types of remittance transactions are currently supported by RemitGuru?

Currently, we require a sender to utilize a United States bank issued debit card to use our product.

Q. How much money can I send through RemitGuru?

The current limits of the RemitGuru product allows a minimum transaction of $10.00 USD and a maximum transaction of $2,995.00 USD. Depending on the amount of your transaction or the accumulated total, we are required to collect additional information from the sender.

Q. How long does it take for the beneficiary to receive the funds sent through RemitGuru?

RemitGuru is committed to offering the fastest remittance to your beneficiary subject to regulatory requirements.

Q. How will I know that RemitGuru has successfully completed the remittance?

Through the RemitGuru Official Account, you will receive up-to-date notifications when your transaction has been completed. You can also check in our page to see your transaction progress.

Q. What beneficiary banks are supported by RemitGuru?

All banks in India are supported by RemitGuru.

Q. Under what conditions can my RemitGuru remittance fail?

If any the following conditions apply, your RemitGuru remittance may fail to be completed: (1) your beneficiary information is not correct, (2) if the sender's debit card is invalid or there are insufficient funds in the sender's bank account or (3) if regulatory requirements of the US or RemitGuru's compliance requirements are not satisfied.

Q. If the RemitGuru remittance fails or is canceled when do I get my money back?

If the RemitGuru remittance transaction fails or is canceled, we will offer the sender a full refund (the remittance amount plus the transaction fee). As may be applicable, the sender should receive a refund within three business days, but this time is not guaranteed. Please refer to our Cancellation and Refund Policies in the RemitGuru website. Please check with your bank to see your refund progress. Refunds are processed under the following conditions: (1) The transaction has not been disbursed to the beneficiary's bank account; and (2) The remittance failed for any reason.

Q. Is there a charge for cancellation and refunds?

No, RemitGuru does not apply any charges for processing cancellations and refunds.

Q. Why does RemitGuru need my personal information?

In order to successfully process your transaction, we need your personal information to verify your identity, meet regulatory requirements, and for fraud prevention efforts. Your personal information is protected at all times and will not be shared. These are key to keeping the RemitGuru customers satisfied and protected.

Q. Which currencies can you use to make a remittance?

Currently you can make a remittance in United States Dollar(USD).

Q. Who can you send money to using RemitGuru?

You can only send money to your own account or to a family member's account using RemitGuru.

Q. What is the RemitGuru Transaction Number or RGNA?

The RemitGuru Transaction Number or RGNA is the unique number displayed on your screen at the time of booking your remittance. It is reference number for your transaction. You can know the exact status of your transfer by simply clicking on your RGNA on our Online Status Tracker.

Whether you are sending an email or chatting with us online about your money transfer, you always need to quote your RGNA.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of beneficiaries that you can remit money to?

No. You can send money to as many recipients as you wish. RemitGuru has an Address Book tool in which you can store your receivers' details.

Q. Can you send money to an NRE\NRO account through RemitGuru?

Yes. You can send money to your Non Resident Rupee(NRE) account and/or Non Resident Ordinary Rupee(NRO) account.

Q. Do you or your beneficiary need to open any special bank account?

No. You can continue using your existing bank account for the money transfer.

Getting Started
Q. Do I need to sign up for an account to send money through RemitGuru? Do I need to pay any fees to sign up for a RemitGuru account?

To send money through RemitGuru, you need to first join us by registering on our website - Sign up. Registration is absolutely free.

After you create an account, RemitGuru stores your relevant details and your receivers' information in your user profile. You can easily send money later on without re-entering recipient information. All information stored in your account is secure and will not be shared or made available to anyone else or any third party.

Q. How long will it take to complete the enrollment? Do I have to wait to start using the service once I enroll?

It takes just about 5 minutes or less to complete the enrollment forms.

There is no waiting time. Once you complete the enrollment process, you can immediately begin using the service.

Sending and Receiving Money - India
Basics for Sending and Receiving Money

Sofort Transfer

Q. What is the 'Sofort'option?

The 'Sofort' option is an online direct payment method and works on the basis of online banking. The big advantage - It is an immediate and direct transfer of funds.

Q. How 'Sofort' option works?

Customers who select 'sofort' as the preferred method of payment for their online money transfer are redirected to the secure payment form. All data transfer is carried over automatically so that you only need to select your bank, enter your online banking login details and enter the confirmation code in order to authorize the transfer. All information delivered to your bank is sent in an encrypted form.

Q. What advantages do I have from paying with the 'sofort' option?

You have a lot of advantages. In particular, you can expect seamless money transfer. Thanks to the two-stage authentication procedure (with confidential login details and confirmation code), using 'sofort' option is more secure than paying with a credit card or wallet. RemitGuru's account details are pre-added when you use the 'sofort' option and you simply need to authorize the payment by using your internet banking details in a secure and encrypted environment, assuring your money transfers are safe and completed without any hassle.

Q. How safe is 'sofort' option?

In all matters concern to money, security must have the highest priority. With 'sofort' option, you use the best online banking procedure. In particular to the confirmation code, it offers a high degree protection and immediately becomes invalid once utilized. The transfer of data occurs only via connections secured with up to AES 256 bits. sofort or RemitGuru does not store any sensitive information like a confidential login details and confirmation code, but carries out the transaction solely as a technical service provider.

Q. Which online banking accounts can I use 'sofort' option with?

You can use 'sofort' option with the online bank accounts of most banks. What's super practical: the payment page of 'sofort' option lets you search for your bank. However, use of deposit accounts, investment accounts or financial accounts is not possible.

Q. What are the steps involved in the authorization process for banks while using the sofort Option?

Below are the payment authorization steps for banks in your respective country.

Payment Authorization Steps
Bankname Number of Steps Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Barclays 2 Surname & Membership Number / Card Number / Sort Code and Account Number Last 4 Digits Of Card Number & PINsentry Code -
Citibank 2 User Name & Password Challenge Question -
Co-Operative Bank 3 Sort Code & Account Number or Visa Credit Card Number Security Code Security Information
First Direct 2 User Name Memorable Question & Generated Security Code -
HSBC 2 User ID Memorable Question & Generated Security Code -
Lloyds Group (Lloyds) 2 User ID & Password Memorable Information -
Metro Bank 2 User Name Security Number -
Nationwide 2 Customer Number Generated Passcode -
RBS Group (Ulster) 2 Customer number PIN & Password -
Santander UK 3 Personal ID Memorable Question Passcode & Registration Number
Yorkshire 3 Customer Number Password Security Option
Q. Can I cancel a payment that I've made with sofort option?

No. Cancellation of a transfer is not possible once the bank has taken receipt of the transfer order. However, if you have not yet paid, then you can cancel the transaction and make a new one.

Q. What are the charges for using sofort?

Following charges will be applied to customers for sofort transactions:
UK: £1 for transfer upto £1,000. No fee will be charged for transfers above £1,000. Your 1'st transaction via sofort is FREE, so go ahead and try it out today!
Germany & Europe: €2 for transfer upto €2,500. No fee will be charged for transfers above €2,500. Your 1'st transaction via sofort is FREE, so go ahead and try it out today!

Q. How do I get my money back if I cancel the transaction?

In accordance with the refund policy of RemitGuru, any claim regarding refund will be settled by deducting an amount of 20 (SGD, GBP or EUR respectively). Refund process would be completed in 15 to 20 business days.
Note: : No refund is possible once the amount is converted to INR.

Q. What are the receiving options available to my recipients?

Direct Deposit
All remittances can be directly deposited to the account of the beneficiary specified by you as soon as RemitGuru receives your remittance. You can also transfer money into your own NRE\NRO Account in India.

Q. How will I know when my recipient has received the money?

RemitGuru provides this information to you via email notifications and on the RemitGuru Status Tracker.

We will send a series of email notifications informing you of the status of your transaction. The first email is sent shortly after you submit a RemitGuru transaction. The second email is sent when your payment has been cleared and RemitGuru assigns responsibility of your transaction to our partner in the recipient's country.

Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive another email informing you that your recipient has received the funds.
Note: Place the email address "" in your "safe sender's list" of your email account to ensure that these messages are not mistakenly directed to your junk or spam mail box. If you're not sure on how to configure your email attributes, consult your Internet Service Provider (ISP), email service or system administrator.

In addition, you can track the current status of your transaction by visiting the RemitGuru Status Tracker.

Repeat a Remittance
Q. How do I repeat a remittance which I had done before?

To avoid the painstaking process of booking a transfer with the same details again we have introduced the repeat a remittance feature, wherein a list of remittances done in the past is displayed and in order to repeat the transfer you have to just click on the button next to it.

Track, Cancel Or Refund Of Transactions
Q. How do I track the status of my money transfer?

The status of your remittance transaction is displayed on the Status Tracker page on the RemitGuru website. Additionally, RemitGuru sends email notifications to keep you aware of important changes in the status of your transaction.

The transaction information on our website is available only to the sender of the remittance. The sender can view the status of the transaction either by signing in to his or her RemitGuru account and entering the RemitGuru Transaction Number (RGNA) in the Status Tracker search box, or by checking the Status Tracker.

Q. How many months of transaction history is available through the Web site?

We maintain entire history of transfers made that may can be referred to if the need arises.

The transaction information on the website is available only to the sender and the recipient of the money transfer.

The sender can see status by signing in to RemitGuru account and entering the RemitGuru Transaction Number (RGNA) in the Status Tracker Search Box, or by looking on the Status Tracker page of the site.

Q. How do I cancel a transaction funded with a bank account?

You can request cancellation orally, in writing and online. For questions about the Service, contact us by telephone at 1­833­347­3648.

Refunds will be credited to the same Payment Instrument used to pay for the Transaction. Refunds are only made in U.S. Dollars. Refund amounts will not be adjusted to account for changes in the value of the U.S. Dollar or foreign currency from the time your Transaction was submitted.

Change Transaction
Q. Can I make changes to my transaction?

You cannot make changes to a transaction once it has been booked, but you can cancel the transaction and do a new one.

Q. Can I cancel my transaction and get a refund?

You can cancel your Transaction (You can cancel for a full refund within 30 minutes of authorizing your Transaction) as long as the funds have not yet been forwarded/transmitted, picked up or deposited into the account of your Recipient.

Account Management
Account Access
Q. How do I unlock my account?

We have created an account unlock option on the login page. This will help you to unlock your account instantly. You can unlock your account only once in 24 hours. Alternatively please email an 'unlock request' to "" from your registered ID. For more details, contact our customer support team.

Q. What if I am having problems signing in to my RemitGuru account?

In case you cannot log-in to your valid RemitGuru account, please contact our customer support team for assistance. For details contact our Customer Support,  click here

Q. How do I change my RemitGuru account settings?

After logging into your RemitGuru account, click on the Account Settings link in the My Profile section of the menu on the left hand side of the page. Make the required changes and save them.

Q. How do I change my personal information in my RemitGuru account?

To change your personal information, kindly contact RemitGuru Support Team.

Q. How do I add a receiver?

After logging into your RemitGuru account, click on the My Receivers tab on the left hand side of the page. Enter the required details of the new receiver here and save them.

Q. How do I close my RemitGuru account?

If you wish to close your RemitGuru account, please contact our customer support team to understand the closure process. For details contact our Customer Support,  click here

Change or Forgot Password
Q. How do I change my RemitGuru password?

After logging into your RemitGuru account, click on the Change Password link in the My Profile section of the menu, on the left hand side of the page. Make the required changes and save it.

Q. What if I forget my Remitguru password?

You need to click on the forgot password link in the login box. Enter the requested details and you will receive an email with a new password. Use this password to log in again. When you access your account, change the password according to your preference.

Q. I want to block my account as I believe that my password has been leaked?

We advise you to frequently change your password and maintain total secrecy about your login details to prevent fraudulent misuse of your RemitGuru account. In case you need to block your account, just send us an email at "" from the email ID you had earlier registered with us.

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