Why Remit Guru?

Satisfy the financial needs of your loved ones quickly, safely and conveniently from across the seven seas with RemitGuru, our unique money remittance service offering. It is far better than the other options - checks, wire transfer, money transfer agents and existing online remittance service, providers. Click on the links below to find out more

Our Background and Experience

RemitGuru is a dba of First Global Money Inc., a licensed money transmitterand is brought to you by Avenues India Pvt. Ltd., South Asia's No. 1 eCommerce service provider which provides payment gateway CCAvenue (www.ccavenue.com) to thousands of eMerchants across the world and processes millions of transactions every month. Avenues is a prestigious and well known financial transactions powerhouse, which services over 85% of India's web merchants across highly popular industry verticals such as retail, hospitality, travel trade and the event management industry.

First Global Money Inc. is a licensed money transmitter in 43 states in the Unites States and a registered Money Services Business with the US Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (MSB). First Global Money Inc. provides its customers with the comfort and peace of mind which comes with transacting with a company which is licensed and monitored by regulatory authorities.

Avenues has used its vast and long-standing experience in payments in its collaboration with First Global Money Inc. to now offer cross border payments to both individuals and businesses. RemitGuru's cutting edge remittance solution is offered through a robust, yet nimble technology that Avenues is regulatory compliant. Not only is it The RemitGuru service, powered by First Global Money Inc. is trustworthy, but it is also efficient, convenient, cost effective and above all, user-friendly.

Convenience and Simplicity

Remit your funds from any local bank account, at any location , at any time to your loved ones in India. Money transfer - anywhere, any location, at anytime - RemitGuru makes it possible. In other words, it works 24/7 unlike the conventional modes of money transfer.

It is very simple, just three steps and you are done. Your money transfer is just a few clicks away and your money gets transferred across the globe to your loved ones in India, quickly, safely and securely.

Say no to carrying cash and mailing checks. Bid goodbye to carrying large wads of notes just to make a remittance. Banish the effort of writing and mailing or depositing cheques forever. Your money gets transferred directly between the bank accounts at a mere click of the mouse.

Always be in the know: Track your remittance

Our Status Tracker enables you to track the status of your remittance every step of the way. To use the 'Status Tracker', log on to your RemitGuru account and simply click on your remittance number flashing on the page to know the status of your remittance.

Receive email updates about changes

Keeping you informed and safe is a high priority for us. We will send you e-mail notifications when there are important issues we'd like you to be aware of. For example, when you 'Add' or 'Change' a beneficiary or when you change your e-mail address, or when there is an update on the status of your transaction. We keep you in the loop all the time.

Enjoy peace of mind with our Secure Processes

We understand how important your money is to you and your loved ones. The 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology we use is a proven technology and one of the strongest methods of securing internet transactions today.

Secondly, we ensure that your money is handled by safe hands. All money is directly transferred by our banking partners. RemitGuru merely facilitates the process and ensures that it works quickly and efficiently. At no point in time do we directly touch or hold on to your money.

Our software and the servers that run our website are protected by state of the art firewall systems that prevent unauthorized access to our network and are constantly monitored to prevent security breaches. Your data and your money is our responsibility and we ensure that it is safe.

Professional Customer Support

We understand the importance and urgency of your money remittance needs. You can reach us for support via phone, chat or email. Our customer support department employs some of the best professionals with years of experience in managing and servicing customer needs.


RemitGuru does not share your personal information with any third party (unless required to do so by law). For details please read our Privacy Policy.

We are confident that RemitGuru will offer you a superior user experience that will delight you and encourage you to share your positive experience with your family and friends.

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